Azziz clearly loathes Augusta

The solution to the efforts of a man who evidently hates the South and has no respect for the heritage of Augusta is to send him back to California and change his name from Azziz to Azzwas. He is a dictator, not a president.


Clearly, Georgia Regents University President Ricardo Azziz knows nothing of the history of Augusta and the South. We are one of the original 13 colonies. Everyone I have ever known who came to the South from elsewhere falls in love with it. I remember my husband saying, “When a good job comes available in the South, we have hundreds of applicants from the North.” They want to come to the South, and especially love Augusta because of our rich traditions in culture; as the “Golf Capital” and our weather that allows one to play golf year-round; our proximity to both the mountains and the ocean; and our strong Christian heritage.

He was hired for a ridiculous salary that we taxpayers are paying him to create turmoil in our city and state. He can easily be fired and sent packing. And we will not vote for those who brought him here. If the governor and the University System Board of Regents insist he stay, discourage our students from enrolling in GRU. When customers are not happy, they go elsewhere.

It has long been known that hundreds of military choose to retire here because of our weather and excellent medical facilities. Why let a man who clearly hates our traditions change all the good for worse?

Years ago, people I knew from other towns in Georgia said, “When I went to college in (another city here in Georgia), the smartest students were from Tubman Girls High School and the Academy of Richmond County.” The medical students who attended the Medical College of Georgia years ago were far better physicians than most who graduate today.

Give Azziz a ticket to go back to California and change his name to Azzwas.

Sarah R. Brown




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