Scott Dean must be freed

I have never met Scott Dean personally, but I have come to know him far better than most because Scott and I have been writing to each other ever since he arrived at the Georgia State Prison at Reidsville.


I have undertaken this correspondence as a personal ministry because I have experienced the heartbreak of a close family member being incarcerated and am aware of the profound loneliness, humiliation and personal degradation that prisoners and their families endure. Some remain unrepentant, and some acknowledge their crimes and try to compensate for them. But there are some, often among the forgotten, who endure the rigors of prison, innocent of the charges that placed them there in the daily company of murderers and psychopaths.

Through his letters, Scott has taken me into the depths of prison life: the humiliation, the scorn, the depravity, the danger. He has touched my heart with the humility he has learned in this terrible environment. Having to endure the betrayal of a loved one has not made him bitter, but has resulted in a resolve to renew and repair his broken family.

The testimony that put him in prison has been recanted. As Scott’s supportive wife, Renee, has stated: No victim, no crime. He is being allowed to remain in a dangerous place that he does not deserve to be in. Every day that this man remains incarcerated is a miscarriage of justice and exposes him to possible harm. The fact that his imprisonment was based on false charges compels an immediate release. It’s time.

Kathy Campbell Fullbright




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