Constituents deserve better

I do not live in Richmond County. I am blessed to live in Columbia County. I base this statement on my opinion that, for the most part, the government of Augusta/Richmond County should be pitied. Will this group ever learn to put others before self?


I have many friends who live in Richmond County, and I feel sympathy for them. Is it possible that they deserve better from some of their elected government officials? It is appalling to think that, as public servants, these officials would not have more to offer their constituents.

I learned Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver, who is the exception to the rule, earns less than $76,000 per year. I applaud Mayor Copenhaver for accepting his responsibilities for such a minute salary. You would think that most with his range of duties would demand more. But it appears that Mayor Copenhaver is a public servant with a conscience.

I only wonder who was out to lunch when the vote was cast to increase salaries of other officials in Richmond County. Is it a thought that if anyone may have earned a raise in salary, it might have been the mayor who has been on the job for a while?

William P. Ashmore Jr.




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