There's still time to heal

I cannot sit on the sideline any longer. I believe something very hurtful happened with the Georgia Regents University photo-altering incident in the past few weeks.

I appreciate the call for reconciliation expressed in a letter to the editor (“Augustans are all GRU now,” March 7). Let us reconcile, but let’s not sweep the practice of ignoring public opinion under the rug. The problem is, we are not GRU yet. The name clearly is a sore point. It came about wrong, and I believe we are all sorry about it – the consultants for having their research ignored; the public for being ignored; and the new administration for underestimating the strong emotional ties between the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta State University and the citizens of Augusta.

I believe that my Southern friends would like the name “Augusta Regents University, Georgia.” Switching the two words bracketing the name may be an easy and feasible solution. Please put it out for the public consideration. There is time, and with goodwill we can heal our community, and not even have a big scar left.



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