Marriage dependent on rules

I hope this will be one of many letters that answer the question in Dallas Duff’s letter (“Why oppose gay marriage?” March 9).


Is marriage between one man and one woman any different than homosexual marriage? Please consider that restriction maximizes freedom. When people sit down to play a new game, the first thing they ask is, “What are the rules?” If we are told, “There are no rules, we just play however we want,” there is confusion and chaos. The rules define the objective and maximize the pleasure.

When God said a man leaves his father and mother and holds fast to his wife, and they become one flesh, He set a standard that many claim is too restrictive. But God’s plan of one man and one woman actually releases us to enjoy maximum freedom. Within that boundary, husband and wife can experience optimal unity, lifelong commitment, sexual fulfillment, sense of family, authenticity and wholeness.

Consider as well: If Americans change the definition of marriage, who will choose the new definition? Hollywood, politicians, clergy, teenagers, educators, doctors, lawyers, etc? Which of these has the authority to define a relationship that is foundational to the well-being of a nation? As we continue on the postmodern track, someone will want to be the first to offer marriage with no restrictions – marry whoever you want: man, woman, child or a combination. The result will be chaos and confusion.

We can look to one another as gods for the answers, or we can look to Creator God of the Bible. He best defines the objective of marriage and maximizes the pleasure in marriage.




Mon, 12/11/2017 - 21:04

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