Don't OK stadium project

Living next to a city such as Augusta has advantages. One can cross the river to attend a baseball game, visit the convention center, book a hotel room or fight through traffic on Washington Road, then come back across the river to a peaceful, low-traffic town.


Now some want to bring the traffic over to North Augusta by adding a ballpark, a hotel and a convention center, thus cramming much too much building into one of the last remaining natural areas along the Savannah River.

Ballpark opponent Steve Donohue has covered the many reasons why this is not a good idea for North Augusta. I’ll list a few of my concerns.

Since the existing ballpark is quite adequate, Augusta wisely declined to build a stadium downtown. Why should North Augusta? We have no reason to assume the team will exist long enough to pay for the stadium. Let the team build its own park.

Augusta’s new convention center is just playing host to its first event, and it will be fortunate to break even. There’s even less chance for a North Augusta duplicate to do so.

I frequently visit the beautiful and unique Brick Pond Park. Bringing buildings, lights and noise right to the edge of the ponds would destroy their beauty and integrity, and likely drive out much of the wildlife.

Further inadequate access exists for the traffic that would result and adding roads does not seem feasible and would damage the environment.

If development is going to take place, let it be a combination of housing and open park space with an adequate buffer around Brick Pond Park.

Thanks to the Aiken County Council for helping save us from ourselves.

Don Hostetler

North Augusta. S.C.



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