Don't arm teachers

In response to the letter “Teachers should be armed” (March 2), I strongly disagree with the writer’s rationale.


The idea of battling violence with more violence is totally counterproductive to eradicating the problems we face with mass killings. Putting children in the crossfire of a demented killer and a teacher in the classroom would add to the carnage, and would not address the real problem that is plaguing our society. To arm teachers is the height of foolishness, and more likely would injure innocent children than save them. What teacher in a highly emotional situation like that could be sure she wouldn’t hit a child instead of the killer?

Putting the focus on behavior caused by violent movies, TV programs and video games, and finding help for those people who desperately need it, should be a priority. Gun violence is promoted by a breakdown of our family values and moral fiber, and arming more people makes it worse, not better.

I realize that we will never go back to the ideal days of The Andy Griffith Show and Father Knows Best, but let’s not regress completely back to the gunfightt at the O.K. Corral!

Molly C. Gray

Aiken, S.C.

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