Politics won't split family

I have never been one to hide my political points of view. Just ask my friends and co-workers, and they will tell you that I am passionate about my politics and do not concede to anyone.


This also can be said about the differences between my father and I. Dad and I are worlds apart when discussing politics. Of coarse, there is 30-year difference in age, and that is a lifetime. We are educationally far apart, and because of these differences, we see the world in very different ways.

My father was educated in a different time with different values. His view and understanding of what he believed to be important is the primary cause of such division. At age 82, it is unlikely he could ever see another point of view. But nonetheless I try.

He has lived through trials and tribulations in a period of political history that molded his thinking. In his mind, the rights and wrongs of political parties and of contemporary politics are the correct way of thinking, which is 180 degrees from my way of thinking. My attempts to bring him over to my side has become an exercise in futility, just as his argument falls flat to me. This has been the same for years.

I finally decided to live and let live and set aside politics during my visits. And it worked for a while. But try as I might to not bring up politics, it once again reared its ugly head and seeped out, resulting in a rehashing of old arguments. I should know better.

But with all the rancor brought on by two stubborn people, we still embrace as father and son, and love each other. The differences are not great enough to tear us apart. So we accept our differences, knowing that we will never come to terms under only one point of view. But the one thing we do know is that we are still father and son, and love each other deeply.

Larry Rodgers



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