School bitterness deepens

So the latest joke I’ve heard is, “What’s the new name for Georgia Regents’ University School of Medicine? Answer: GRUSOM.


Or is it a joke?

Well that, my friends, is the last time you’ll see me use that name. I, for one, refuse to ever refer to the school except as the Medical College of Georgia. I’d be thrilled to see The Augusta Chronicle and other community members do likewise. As a proud graduate of MCG, I was greatly offended by the school president’s handling of the ordeal of renaming the combined MCG and Augusta State University.

I was shocked and saddened when the “Save the A” leaders caved, á la Neville Chamberlain.

We’ve been told that the medical school always will be MCG, but I’ve been to meetings at which faculty members lectured, and their title slides had that new logo, not MCG.

What I find so ironic is the absolutely golden opportunity school President Ricardo Azziz missed – a political move to be envied by the likes of Lyndon Johnson or Bill Clinton. He could have gone from being one of the most despised people in Augusta to one of the most beloved, if he simply gave in, said, “I was mistaken” and gave support to “Save the A.” People here are loving and forgiving, and believe in repentance. But, alas, when he moves on to a more prestigious institution, I doubt very many here will miss him.

Your editorial March 1 spoke of arrogance, cowardice and coercion – not qualities I ever saw in MCG leaders I’ve known in the past. School officials may be able to airbrush away the MCG name, but not the bitterness felt by this community.

Very sad.



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