Just send Azziz on his way

Regarding the recent headline in The Augusta Chronicle, “Erasing history” (Feb. 28), I would just like to say how utterly disappointed I am, not only in the University System Board of Regents but our own representatives in this state.


Georgia Regents University President Ricardo Azziz apparently came to Augusta with pre-conceived notions that we are a slow, less-than educated, culturally backwoods and uncool group of people. After having the opportunity to meet the man personally, I believe he sees himself as the most educated man in any room. Perhaps he is. However, wouldn’t a more prudent individual, coming into a new cultural environment unlike the one he left, use a bit more discretion?

The Board of Regents has used Azziz to accomplish its goals. With Azziz’s help, it combined a wonderful university such as Augusta State University with the very prestigious name of the Medical College of Georgia. The board has paved the road with Azziz’s egomania by setting up a campus worthy of the University of Georgia – worthy of being a great satellite campus, and worthy of giving UGA the medical facilities the board believes it deserves.

You will never convince me, nor many of the other fine citizens of Augusta and the surrounding communities, that it is not the goal and desire of Azziz and his “new” administration to sweep all previous accomplishments under a rug so that he might quickly make all going forth his work.

My only request to the regents now would be: Let your scapegoat go. Send him on his way. Azziz has insulted us, he has abused us and he has used us for his own gain. Now, before he erases what small bits and pieces MCG and ASU have left – accomplishments which have grown a rich base many wish to attend – send Azziz packing.

Let it be known that this city will never stop watching. It will never stop holding those accountable who wish to disrupt our way of life, our history or our culture with the goal to make a name for oneself. So I now ask our state representatives and the Board of Regents: Send Azziz on his way.



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