Augusta still being snubbed

Upon reading The Augusta Chronicle on March 3, I saw a couple of articles that make note of Georgia Regents University. What happened to the agreement to market Georgia Regents University Augusta – GRUA?

I have one family member who is a graduate of Augusta College and two family members who are graduates of Augusta State University. I was a supporter of “Save The A,” a publicly funded program that did not cost the taxpayers a dime – unlike GRU President Ricardo Azziz’s $45,000 survey purportedly seeking public input on a name change for the combined Augusta State University and the Medical College of Georgia.

If the position of GRUA president were an elected position to be voted upon by the local community, his time here may be rather limited. One would believe that a president of such an institution would want to provide camaraderie among the local community. There may be a hidden agenda to all this madness.


Tue, 08/15/2017 - 23:26

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