Rich cause moral decay, too

Regarding the Feb. 24 editorial on “What the courts see”: I somewhat agree with some of the observations addressed by the district attorney and superior court judges as to the apparent moral decay of society


I’ve been in law enforcement for 15 years, and I’ve either testified in or witnessed trials in which the charges against defendants, and their rationalization and justification for their actions, beggar the imagination.

However, the tone of the editorial suggests that it’s only the poor and ignorant, the subculture criminal class, who are solely responsible for our present moral morass. Let me remind you of the folks who manufactured exotic derivatives, hedged against the solubility of these investments that were sold under the blessing of Moody’s and Standard & Poor ratings, molded by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, manipulated by underwriting branches through subprime, alt “A” no-doc mortgage loans, tranched into investment portfolios for investors looking for a quick return beyond what the market could support.

Yes, we have moral decay in America, but it stems from the darkest aspects of human nature motivated by power and greed! So don’t let the wealthy and well-connected be so self-righteous!

Rodney Hindrew




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