Azziz's prints are all over this

It was bad enough that the name of the combined Augusta State University and the Medical College of Georgia was changed to Georgia Regents University (ugh). Then GRU President Ricardo Azziz threw us a bone and added “Augusta” to the name, but that was unofficial. It has rarely been seen on anything official.


I played basketball for Augusta College in the 1970s, and felt the change to Augusta State University was a natural progression of growth. The deletion of the A’s and the Augusta State logos from team photos (“Erasing history,” Feb. 28) is an unacceptable, heinous step by Azziz. Make no mistake, his heavy-handed fingerprints are all over this move.

There is NO GOOD reason for this whatsoever. I know head basketball coach Dip Metress, assistant basketball coach Lenny Carlson, the golf team and anyone connected with ASU athletics must have some real issues with this move, but I think they and everyone else have been muzzled by Azziz on this.

I’ll say what I think and what many, many others think: Azziz has gone too far. This stinks, and he stinks. And the response from Azziz’s toady, GRU Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing David Brond, was a joke – and not a funny one.

Jay Bower



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