Transit vote unwise

The Augusta Commission has voted to terminate the contract with Mobility Transit Services.


Although the contract permits termination without cause, it may not be a wise decision for the people of Augusta.

The avowed purpose of outsourcing the transit operations was to save money. Based on what I heard in a recent commission meeting, that purpose has been accomplished during the first year of Mobility’s tenure.

Mobility has operated the system at lower cost to the city, while improving overall quality of service and efficiency.

These improvements were not the luck of the draw or the result of happenstance. Mobility instituted reforms such as better driver training, monthly safety meetings, Department of Transportation physical screening for drivers, and oil analysis to extend the life of the fleet.

Whatever reasons commissioners have for changing the management structure and personnel, Mobility’s performance does not seem to be at issue.

So the question is: If we have a company in place that is making tremendous progress, what can we do together to make our transit systems stronger for the community?

The Rev. Dr. Sam Davis



(The writer is pastor of Beulah Grove Baptist Church in Augusta.)



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