Roundtree is right choice

Choosing Richard Roundtree as the new Richmond County sheriff was the right move. It’s obvious this gentleman is smart and highly intelligent; therefore, he’s the breakthrough our community has been clamoring for since the days of Jim Crow.


Our community can now move forward and meet the law enforcement challenges for the 21st century because of the new “bad boy” that going to elevate our law enforcement department to an even higher level of competency. Of course, this is what law enforcement “bad boys” are capable of doing. All Augustans should be elated that Sheriff Roundtree is our man to achieve and
master an agenda for making Augusta a better and safer community for all citizens.

Our new sheriff has a new attitude and a new progressive agenda to combat crime. Also, he’s going to do what’s right and fair for all Augustans in spite of race, color, creed or religion.

What has impressed me most with Sheriff Roundtree’s insight is that he has stressed on numerous occasions that he will put forth new ideas and initiatives for combating crime in our community. It is a great thing to see our law enforcement leader embrace positive change.

Sheriff Roundtree’s high education status and mature level of thinking puts him in the forefront for thinking out of the box. To be honest, this gives him a big advantage for dealing with the harsh realities to combat modern-day criminals.

Our sheriff is poised to lead our community in this 21st century. What more could our community ask for?

E. Maner



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