Arena management superb

It is with great pleasure that I take a few moments to tell you how much I appreciate Global Spectrum, its management and staff.


Many hard decisions had to be made by my family when my father, James Brown, passed. One decision was to keep the annual turkey and toy giveaways going. I remember that being one of the first questions I was asked, by someone I didn’t even know. I said “yes” without even knowing how it would be done.

We have been blessed with the help from the city of Augusta, individuals and businesses from this community to help the Brown Family Children Foundation continue these charities. We have expanded the James Brown toy giveaway by having it at James Brown Arena and providing more space for more toys to service more families. This past Christmas, we helped more children than we have ever helped. I thank God for the resources and the open hospitality and professionalism from everyone at Global Spectrum who makes it possible for parents to have a warm and safe environment for their children to have some Christmas joy.

I truly do hope that Global Spectrum is given the opportunity to continue managing James Brown Arena and the Bell Auditorium. This community will benefit from companies that not only do great work at their trade but also reach out and help the citizens of the community.

Deanna Brown Thomas

Beech Island, S.C.



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