Day of Service a big success

On Feb. 9, more than 400 volunteers and their families gave back to the local community by participating in Georgia Regents University’s Day of Service. The former Georgia Health Sciences University introduced a Day of Service in 2011, and the consolidated university embraced the vision to provide a helping hand to local organizations devoted to making a difference in the lives of others.


During the Day of Service, volunteers provided assistance at 13 organizations throughout Richmond, Columbia and Aiken counties, donating their time to sort cans at the local food bank, walk dogs at a nearby animal shelter and clean up at a house that provides shelter for families that are in town caring for their hospitalized children, among other worthy causes.

Some volunteers were especially generous with their time and volunteered at multiple locations, willing to give their entire Saturday to serve others.

Many volunteers, including GRU President Ricardo Azziz, were so inspired that they have recommended expanding the event to more than once a year.

Our time and service were greatly appreciated, and local organizations have expressed their gratitude to our university. We have also received emails from several locations thanking us for our service.

Likewise, GRU’s volunteers benefitted greatly from the Day of Service, gaining the reward of knowing they helped someone else in need. We hope that our Day of Service has inspired employees at our university and others in the community to continue to give of themselves and their time by lending a hand to those who can’t help themselves.

Kerry Cartledge



(The writer is a business operations specialist at Georgia Regents University.)



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