Blame society, not guns

Walter Williams’ column “Are guns the problem?” (Jan. 17) is so very true and appropriate for this age and time.


I was given a .22 rifle for Christmas in 1941 just before my 11th birthday. My father impressed upon me the safe use of the rifle, and told me never to shoot anything live unless it was for food or if I was in physical danger. Consequently, I never even shot a bird.

I still have the rifle but cannot use it because the breech is expanded so that the shells rupture in the chamber. I have not found anyone who can repair it or it would be in use.

Regarding Mr. Williams’ moral absolutes, he hits the nail on the head. If I misbehaved in school and was punished, I was again punished when I got home.

I would think hard against doing it again. As Proverbs 13:14 says, if you spare the rod, you hate your children, but if you discipline them, you love them. It seems nowadays we are prevented, by laws, from loving our children.

Maybe this is one reason there is so much crime. We cannot love our children with punishment because we might lower their self-esteem.

As society becomes more litigious and more tolerant of misbehavior, the world will become more like a jungle.

Charles M. Stone




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