Benefit isn't a handout

I have never read anything that is so asinine, ridiculous and disgusting as the as the article written Jan. 31 by syndicated columnist Walter Williams (“Official lies”). He wrote, “We can’t blame politicians. It’s the American people who will crucify a politician who even talks about cutting their favorite handout.”

Since when is Social Security a handout, when I am 79 years old, have worked many years and paid lots of money into this system? It is my money. Also, how dare these idiots in Washington call this an entitlement. This is not like we are receiving food stamps – we paid into this system. This system was supposed to be only for Social Security. We would not have this problem today if Washington would not have spent it on anything they felt like, and put IOUs in what was supposed to be a “lock box.” If this system were handled as proposed originally, the interest that would have accumulated over the years we would have plenty of money today, and we’d not have to worry about it running out of funds. Plus we would get more money each month.

As far as I am concerned your paper should have edited this column or rejected it. I really could not believe what I read. I really believe many seniors feel the same way.

Viola M. Slechta




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