Past leadership smoother

Good fortune has been mine, as I had the privileges of working at the Medical College of Georgia for more than a dozen years and, during that period for several years, attending evening classes at Augusta State University, then Augusta College.


During my years at MCG, I was impressed by the constant aura of progress the presidents of the college nurtured, with not a one of them assuming the purple cloak of an emperor as they went about doing that which they were appointed to do. There always was progress manifest in the various departments – sometimes very visible and sometimes in the planning stages – but never was MCG’s president portrayed as more than a guiding hand, never as a brilliant architect demanding obedience from the unimaginative peasantry of an “uncool” town.

This enigma leads me to the situation at ASU that, under the leadership of the more than able President Bill Bloodworth, blossomed from the seemingly modest AC to the imposing university we see today. The reader should put these two situations together, and then perhaps the force behind Bloodworth’s resignation as president of ASU will become clear.

The unification of MCG and ASU (forgive my use of the traditional names) into one university, with Bloodworth still ASU’s president, would have engendered a battle royal between the supporters of now-Georgia Regents University President Ricardo Azziz (Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, the Board of Regents etc.) and those supporters of Bloodworth. The solution? Have Bloodworth resign, put an interim president in his place and clear a path to the presidency of the unified university with its colleges for Azziz.

On a lighter note, I believe Vladimir Putin of Russia should file a lawsuit against our state of Georgia for using the acronym GRU. A visiting or immigrating Russian citizen might be unnerved by observing the acronym GRU, which in their own less-than-democratic country refers to the military spy agency of Russia. Not quite as upsetting as the former KGB, but not heartwarming either.

Gene Rickaby




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