Stop sweetheart power deals

Electric Membership Corporations should be their members’ valentines, and stop sweetheart deals with expensive, dirty coal plants.


Transparency in EMC power-purchase agreements will help provide competitively priced electricity to the members EMCs serve.

Since 2008, at least $25 million of EMC member dollars have been spent on Power4Georgians and a no-bid contract for Allied Energy Services to develop Plant Washington and Plant Ben Hill, two new coal-fired power plants. Member dollars were spent without member input and approval.

Four EMCs called off the romance with Power4Georgians years ago, followed by Cobb EMC in 2012. The remaining four EMCs have ended their courtship and financing for now – and one of the two plants was canceled last April. A forensic audit is under way at Cobb EMC that may uncover the roots of plans put into motion by former Cobb EMC/Cobb Energy CEO Dwight Brown and former Cobb Energy Vice-President Dean Alford to develop two dirty coal plants with an original price tag of $4.2 billion.

Even though large utilities such as Georgia Power Co. are closing down outdated and increasingly expensive coal plants, and denying the need for new coal plants, Power4Georgians and Allied Energy Services still hope to hook Georgia’s EMCs into expensive power-purchase contracts that will hurt EMC members’ checkbooks.

EMCs should say “no” to sweetheart deals and no-bid contracts that benefit corporate polluters at the expense of EMC members across our state! EMC members will love them for it.

Katherine Cummings



(The writer is executive director of the Fall-line Alliance for a Clean Environment.)



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