Homosexuality politicized

Homosexuality may be the political can of worms that, after being opened, will manifest itself in such a way that our society may never be the same. Politicians have succumbed to political pressure, and by doing so, have compromised our public schools and military.


Lawmakers have determined that it is more important to allow a whole new level of sexual provocativeness, for the sake of inclusiveness and equality, rather than maintaining a cohesive, well-disciplined military that builds men – no offense to the women serving within our military ranks. I am absolutely convinced that the gay rights issue is less about equality and more about political power. Now that our high-end politicians have tucked their tails and crawled under the table, gays have become more emboldened. Now they’re at the gates of the Boy Scouts of America demanding their political power be recognized.

My message to any homosexual: It is not essential that everybody knows what your sexual preference is. Lawmakers in today’s government have no courage and have an intrusive approach toward our personal and private lives; consequently, we end up with troubling circumstances. Our military – or the Boy Scouts, for
that matter – should not be the compromise zone for some men and women to further exploit their sexuality. In my mind, a man can never replace a woman, or vice-versa.

Sexual preference has nothing to do with skin color; one you choose, the other you don’t. Homosexuals will not back down, and are acutely aware that people in high positions – i.e., politicians, preachers, administrators, radio/TV talk show hosts and others – are too terrified to speak against this same issue. I say it’s all right to stand up for the natural and perfect union of male and female – the natural biological urge one has for the other. Stand up, I say to you heterosexual men, and teach against this provocative lifestyle before our society is compromised beyond repair.

Brian Green