Preserve our gun rights

The gun control issue seems to be a priority media event. From my perspective, blaming the gun for murder is like me blaming food for my being overweight.

The primary purpose of the Second Amendment was for citizens to be able to protect against a tyrannical government. Now I am sure guns played an important part in providing food and protection. Guns are designed for different purposes. I hunted most of my life, and my guns were designed for hunting.

When I got to an age at which I enjoyed watching wild animals more than shooting them, I sold my guns and purchased guns designed for home defense. I currently have no need for high-capacity magazines or assault rifles. However, if I was concerned about defending myself from a tyrannical government, those would be my next purchase, and I would stockpile a lot of ammo.

At 67, I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime, but our forefathers knew that governments evolve and tyranny is always a threat. Our nation is changing at a rate that concerns me. Let our law-abiding citizens keep their Second Amendment rights to own and bear arms. To our apathetic citizens: Get involved, and keep this the greatest and freest nation on earth.



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