GOP still 'the stupid party'

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has proclaimed his own Republican Party to be “the stupid party.” Thanks to a large group of conspiracy-minded, science-denying people, a.k.a. the Tea Party, the GOP is attempting to purge itself of stupid candidates.


In looking at the last GOP primary, that is what it had in Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and the poster child for stupidity, Michele Bachmann.

How can a party with members who denies global warming, evolution and rape pregnancies turn itself around when this is what so many of its voters want?

Fox, conservative talk radio and conservative newspapers carry endorsements of the worst sort of this ilk because “they are one of us.” Their editorials, many taken from far-right conspiracy blogs, inject “stupid” into the mainstream. We have witnessed the birther/Barry Soetoro nonsense down to the idiotic “unanswered” Benghazi questions. It is the pro-life party that wants to keep its guns and ban Obamacare.

The language of “stupid” is epitomized by the phrase “socialist agenda.” Recently the words “nullification” and “secession” also have entered its vocabulary.

Good luck, Bobby.



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