Compromise on environment

There will be climate change in the next six months. The Northern Hemisphere will get warmer, and the Southern Hemisphere will get cooler. This is mostly because of the obliquity of the ecliptic (see axial tilt). Other reasons are the water cycle (clouds); Earth’s magnetic field (shielding from high-energy particles); humanity’s abuse of resources; etc.


Our government sees this “crisis” as an opportunity for a carbon tax. This will not change any of the above, but it will increase the power of the government and the costs of doing business.

North America is rich in resources. The president and his energy secretary have done their best to prevent domestic production of these resources. Trillions of dollars of American capital have gone to OPEC and others who hate us. We could have been energy-independent. Our unemployment rate could have been 4 percent or less instead of 8 percent or more.

In the 19th century, lamps burned whale oil. This was replaced by cheaper kerosene, because that greedy capitalist and entrepreneur John D. Rockefeller was an extraordinarily efficient and effective manager. Later a waste product from the refining – gasoline – powered internal combustion engines. Cars powered by gasoline beat the competition powered by electricity. Now 95 percent of vehicles are gas-powered.

Is carbon dioxide a pollutant? It is necessary for plants to live. Plants are necessary for humans and animals to live. Have I endangered the planet if I exhale or open a carbonated beverage, or roast marshmallows on an open fire? Only junk scientists with a vested interest in “global climate change” would answer “yes.”

The Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act have made U.S. air and water the safest on the planet. They also have made the costs of doing business in the United States much higher and have encouraged businesses to locate production facilities overseas. Millions of American jobs were never created.

The solution is to make reasonable trade-offs with our planet. If lumber is needed for homes, harvest older trees and plant many more trees to replace those taken. If carbon-based energy is used, make it as clean-burning as necessary.



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