Letter on Reagan wrong

Joaquin Godoy starts his letter (“Now, scrutinize Reagan,” Feb. 3) with the insinuation that President Obama tried to compromise with Republicans during his first term, but gave us no examples. I’ll help him out.


During a round table discussion on the health-care bill, Sen. John McCain offered some opinions. Obama’s response to McCain was, “The election’s over.” After Obama and the dems rammed another bill down our throats, Obama said, “The Republicans can come along with us, but they’ll have to get in the back seat ... .” More recently, when House Speaker John Boehner expressed concern over the skyrocketing budget deficit, Obama told Boehner he was tired of Boehner talking about the deficit.

The rest of Godoy’s letter seems to have a theme. The people and the agencies who in Godoy’s mind are the most evil of the evil – Ronald Reagan, J. Edgar Hoover, the contras, the FBI and the CIA – all had a common thread. They all had as their No. 1 priority the death of communism. Hoover as the head of the FBI and Reagan as president were the two most proactive warriors against communism of the 20th century. The CIA-trained contras were fighting to save Nicaragua from being taken over by the communist-backed Sandinistas.

Godoy cites Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes’ opinion of Ronald Reagan as if it were gospel. Fuentes was an early supporter of Fidel Castro. All of this makes you wonder whom Godoy’s philosophical heart bleeds for.

It seems everyone in the world but Godoy knows why the hostages were released when they were. Reagan was going to be inaugurated the next day. In Khomeini’s mind, Reagan might very well turn Iran into the proverbial “parking lot.”

I long for the days when our enemies feared our president, not congratulated him on his re-election. Nice try, Mr. Godoy, but had Jimmy Carter been re-elected, those hostages would have suffered for at least four more years.

Bob Waters


Now, scrutinize Reagan


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