Quit the deadlock

I am thoroughly convinced that the Augusta Commission, with its five black members and five white members, is a bad idea. Those numbers cause deadlock and distrust. The whites are on guard and the blacks do not trust the white commissioners.

So nothing gets done – and Columbia County and North Augusta are loving it. All they have to do is improve the lives of their people, and it creates a better community and living environment for their residents.

My point is, Augusta commissioners are too busy infighting and making unintelligent decisions. So what is the answer? It’s simple. Take off the gloves and start making decisions that will make an impact and cause changes to take place, and pay more attention to the needs of the people who voted them into office.

I appeal to commissioners: Please look at the big picture. Columbia County and North Augusta are making great strides, and Augusta isn’t moving at all. Please get your heads out of the sand and work together.



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