Please learn from history

I’m trying to understand the changing relationships among the world’s growing economies.

A few years ago, the United States was accused of producing 25 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Now, because of our use of cleaner energy such as natural gas and other energy-saving efforts, we have reduced our contribution to the world’s CO2 emissions to 15 percent – while other developing countries have nearly doubled their emissions. This, in spite of the fact that our total energy use has increased.

Wind turbines do not even meet 2 percent of our energy needs, but they kill hundreds of thousands of migratory birds, and on top of that we import hundreds of these ugly machines from South Korea and China, keeping our jobs overseas.

Our administration maintains a dumbing-down educational policy to ease their manipulation of the masses by
our Washington “politburo,” as syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer called it in a recent column (“Obama unbound,” Jan. 26). Remember that the uneducated classes such as illegal immigrants, etc., have re-elected the Obama entitlement administration with a policy that handicaps entrepreneurship.

If we won’t educate ourselves and learn from history, we will continue down the road to a socialist dictatorship.


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