Why does EBT fund junk?

I am totally confused! The government is now regulating the type of food and fat content in schools. If the government is so concerned about obesity in young people, then why don’t they place restrictions on food bought and paid for by government EBT cards?


When I go grocery shopping, I see people in front of me in the checkout line with carts full of cookies, candy, chips and soft drinks, and they pull out their EBT cards to pay. All over supermarkets, you see junk food labeled “EBT-approved.” Why can’t EBT cards be restricted to nourishing staple foods such as chicken, beans, vegetables, milk, juice and healthy foods? If your family is hungry and you need to be fed by the taxpayers, then why do you spend the money allotted on junk food, expensive steaks and lobster that the average working taxpayer cannot afford?

Seems to me things are topsy-turvy with the EBT program. If EBT were used for cheaper staple foods, less money would go further. I don’t begrudge people in need being fed, but I do begrudge the total lack of common sense, and these people living high and eating junk on our dollar. If fast food is such a no-no, then why can it be purchased with an EBT card?

This nonsense makes me wonder if I’m the only sane person left, or maybe I’m the only insane one.

Linda Gregory




Sat, 11/18/2017 - 23:00

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