Liberal's letter irrational

Once again we are treated to the ravings and rants of the expellee from the worker’s paradise, Cuba. His letter (“Now, scrutinize Reagan,” Feb. 3) reinforces the view that liberal ideologues have limited reasoning powers.


Check the following excursions into irrational thought and total denial of truth:

Did the writer confuse transcendent with transparent? Certainly it is not difficult to see through President Obama’s socialist agenda. He wants the feds to control everything from what you eat to how you protect your home.

The writer does not seem to know what campaigning means. It is what Obama has been doing since he was elected. Denial!

If there ever was a contradiction in terms, it is his point that compromising with the GOP labeled Obama a radical socialist. What? Does this make sense to anyone? Since when does compromising with conservatives make you a radical leftist? Plus, it never happened! Makes you wonder about the hypocrisy of those who escape brutal communist dictatorships only to attack the country that affords them freedom of speech.

Exactly how does a president go over the head of Congress by acting and using his voice?

As usual, the writer fails to cite evidence, but does say that President Reagan was “accused” of “suggesting” a delay in the release of Iran’s American hostages. He fails to say if the Ayatollah Khomeini acted on either the “accusation,” “suggestion” or both.

It is more likely that the ayatollah was impressed by the botched rescue attempt by one of the worst presidents in our history – Jimmy Carter!

Quiz: What political view would you attribute to such behavior – liberal or conservative? You know the answer! People like that would not have been welcome among our Founding Fathers who openly pledged their fortunes and lives for the cause of freedom.



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 23:00

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