Look closely at the pork

It is disgraceful to use devastation to accomplish projects for friends of the Democrats.


Lowell Greenbaum, in his letter to editor Jan. 22 (“GOP’s Sandy vote shameful”) noted that pork and an unclean bill as a holdup for passing legislation on Hurricane Sandy relief was not an excuse. I would like to add the rest of the story of that bill.

The GOP was trying to get some of it cut out because – in this economy, which Washington has no idea how bad it is – we can run out of money! The pork included $2 million for Smithsonian Institution roof repair, $150 million for fisheries in Alaska and Michigan, $821 million for dredging projects nationwide, $10.8 billion mostly for future transit projects and $5.9 million for forest restoration on private land. Whose private land?

This pork was purposely put on this bill to intimidate the GOP to pass. Democrats like to spread ill will and accusations without giving the whole story.

Dollie Lacefield




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