Don't allow gay Scouts

As an Eagle Scout, I strive to live by the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. One point in the Oath and two points in the Law seem appropriate to the discussion by the Boy Scouts of America on whether to allow openly homosexual members and/or leaders to participate in Boy Scouts.


The Scout Oath states that a Scout will do his best to keep “morally straight.” Homosexuality is immoral and should not be allowed in Scouting. If moral relativism is allowed in Scouting by letting each local council or troop decide what is morally right, the Scout Oath should state, “I promise to keep myself morally bent.”

The Scout Law declares that a Scout is “brave.” I ask the BSA to take a stand. I am impressed with the courage of the BSA displayed in the past to take a stand on this position. The current discussion on the issue concerns me. It sounds like officials are willing to give up their position to avoid being persecuted. If the BSA takes the weak position that each local council or group can choose what is morally right, then it should change the Scout Law to “a Scout is acquiescent.”

The Scout Law declares that a Scout is “reverent.” Inherent in this point of the Scout Law is the idea that we are under the authority of God and God’s law. To agree that it is OK for each local council or troop to ignore God and His law would be the height of irreverence. While they are at it, go ahead and change the Scout Law to “a scout is indifferent.”

I challenge the BSA to do the right thing and not allow any part of the homosexual agenda in this great institution.

Tod Densmore