Don't rush -- get the facts

As I listened to President Obama list his 23 initiatives for what amounts to banning gun ownership by law-abiding citizens, I’m reminded of two previous disasters in our history.


One is when then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” in March 2010 about proposed health-care legislation. And they did! Now, after the fact, many who voted for it are backing away from it!

Two: in November 1940, when Leon Moisseiff, a leading suspension bridge engineer, designed and built the Tacoma Narrows Bridge over Washington state’s Puget Sound. It failed miserably, resulting in “aeroelastic flutter,” sending the bridge into the drink just four months after construction. A study was done after the fact that revealed faulty beams were used, and millions of people were adversely affected by it.

Now, we have Obama saying that one of the 23 initiatives he will pass is a study on gun violence. Really? He’s going to commission a study after the fact?

Why not learn from past failures and do the study first? Try doing your homework, get all the facts and then initiate appropriate steps, without stepping on the Constitution, to minimize future tragedies!

In all three of these disasters, I see a trend. No one is doing their homework first. They’re all about getting to the heart of the problem and running recklessly over anyone in their path to get there quickly! All the mayhem and the casualties left in their wake is inconsequential to them. The message is, “Just get ’er done!” No time to wait on all the facts! Let’s give it to ’em now and sort out all the bodies later!

Sounds like a good recipe for disaster, doesn’t it? History repeating itself!

All these people representing us have college degrees and diplomas that could wallpaper a mansion, and they have nothing in their stupid little heads to show for it!

Pathetic! Pitiful! I smell impeachment!

Danny Himsey

Aiken, S.C.



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