Abortions deadlier than guns

In 1970, Apollo 13 captivated our nation’s attention. The world watched as one, captivated, praying that the capsule Aquarius would protect the three astronauts and deliver them back to Earth. Less than three years later, an intrusive Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision assured there would be no safe “capsule” for the unborn.


Legalized abortion turned 40 recently, and the latest poll suggests two out of three Americans want Roe v. Wade to remain law. I do not know whether to call those in favor ignorant, callous or oblivious. I stand lost at this misguided logic.

We are told that women must have a choice when it comes to their bodies. Frankly, I couldn’t care less what women do with their bodies. However, that which is developing in a woman’s womb is not her body but a new creation that longs not to be destroyed.

We are told a woman has reproductive rights. What do you think is being reproduced, a fish? No, it is this miracle we call human life.

Progressives will argue the government should stay out of that which should be between a woman and her doctor. Unless the doctor is an abortionist, then taking tax dollars to pay for abortion drugs and/or procedures is the appropriate choice.

The hypocrisy of “pro-choice” is immense. We all watched in horror after 20 people were slaughtered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The left says take the guns because we must protect the children – unless they are in the womb. A medical instrument in the hands of an abortionist is just as deadly as an AR-15 in the hands of a demented shooter.

Our nation stands today terribly divided. This division will soon cause our union to fail. One of the significant seeds of this polarization was planted 40 years ago.

Barry F. Cook