Dredging plan disingenuous

It seems to me that this story has been going on for years, about dredging the beautiful Lake Olmstead. I was in favor of it even before it came up as an item on the Augusta Commission’s agenda.

I drive by the lake often on Broad Street and have been, for a long time, disappointed that no one in our government seems to care about the appearance of the lake. Even during Masters Week it looks bad! The brush along the Broad Street bank of the lake was just recently cut down, which really shocked me, but I am thankful for that little tidbit.

So way back when this dredging of the lake came up for discussion by the commission, I was elated that maybe we can now get the fallen trees and other junk out of the lake, and maybe we can enjoy the beauty of it once again. Maybe we can even get the little bridge over the upper end of the lake just off Washington Road painted, and the lights repaired on the posts again.

Imagine my surprise now that we are only going to dredge two small portions of the lake! Does anyone on the commission or in the city Engineering Department know anything about major contracting? Mobilization costs? How about the costs of doing a job twice, instead of doing it right the first time? Does the Engineering Department not realize that the silt and sand, and whatever else is in the upper end of the lake, also is in the main body of the lake? The little bridge stops all that silt from moving downstream.

But remember folks, we had a representative on the commission at the time this was being discussed, and should have known that the plan was not to dredge the whole lake but only a portion of it! Why did he not say something to his constituents back then – that we were being lied to? Seems that governments at all levels today are becoming liars! But then, what else can we expect from government today?



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