Stop spreading death

As we stand at the graves of 50 million of our sons and daughters, we grieve for our loss. We grieve for the loss to our womanhood. Women are created with a gentle, compassionate, sympathetic nature that corresponds to the softness of her body. Scheduling an appointment for an abortion as she would for a manicure or oil change is a denial of what it means to be a woman.


Today’s woman demands to be in control and strong. But what is strong about lying on a table and allowing a doctor to rip your baby from your body? Abortion is instead complete submission to an industry built on greed and cover-ups. It is submission to the lie that killing innocent life is my right.

I challenge these women to see that real strength is standing against what is evil, destructive, and cruel. Many women in China today stand strong as they fight, hide, or pay fines to resist forced abortions.

When a woman kills her baby, she is killing part of herself. The eyes of our sons and daughters reflect our own soul and spirit back to us. Why smother that flickering light? I challenge American women to stop fueling the incinerators of death. Be strong enough to embrace the next generation with kind, gentle hearts.

Kathryn Lehn




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