Genocide could hit record

As Americans, it is in our nature to not only achieve great things worldwide but to surpass those who already have reached certain goals.


America is a very competitive country. We cheer our Olympic athletes as they bring home medal after medal; take pride in our citizens who are awarded world renown recognition for their efforts in a myriad of endeavors; and express our bravado when an American company dominates its foreign competition. That is who we are and what we strive for – to be No. 1. We are exactly that in many endeavors across the globe, but not all.

There is one huge statistic that we are still No. 2 but are closing the gap. I, among many, never thought in a million years we would be able to achieve front-runner status in this category, but we have a good chance of achieving this. We are finally going to overcome the numbers put up by good old Joseph Stalin, FDR’s buddy, in the number of Soviet citizens he murdered – 60 million, the largest slaughter of humans in history.

Right now, our total is approximately 56 million, which means that we have a good chance of passing “Uncle Joe.” Wherever he is, I’m certain he will be thrilled. How should we recognize this event when it happens? Will we have parades and celebrations, and will the abortion clinic that reaches the surpassing number be recognized by the president for its outstanding accomplishment?

When “Uncle Joe” died, everyone thought that his evil would never be surpassed. How very, very wrong we were.

William Kemple




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