Obama gun policy lacking

After watching President Obama’s gun control speech on TV, I have to say that I found his big plan to curb gun violence more of a wish list of things he would like to see than an actual plan to stop the violence. He pawned it off to Congress, stating that it is up to them to see to it that they do something about it.


I must also say that Obama should be ashamed of himself for exploiting children to promote his agenda. It was nothing less than what Hitler did when he used children to push his hateful agenda to take control over the masses. Obama and his ilk want to disarm law-abiding citizens while ignoring the fact that only criminals will have weapons.

I may not be an educator but I am educated, and as a Marine Vietnam vet and former cop from Connecticut, I was considered a weapons expert in the military and on the job, but I didn’t learn what I knew there. My father, who was also a cop, pounded gun safety into my head at a young age and taught me to respect weapons.

Further, if you tell a kid that guns are dangerous then you are asking them to see for themselves. If you show them the dos and don’ts, it takes the mystery away.

If the school system implemented a psychological test as well as an aptitude twice during a child’s development at ages 8 and 14, then they may be able to tell who should be watched and helped through puberty.

If children are taught safety and respect for weapons, then gun violence could be nipped in the bud long before it happens.


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