Arm certain teachers

I am amazed at the ridiculous solutions that are being offered to make our schools safe for our kids. The problem is obvious: We have armed lunatics attacking unarmed and helpless children and teachers. The solution is simple;: We have to provide firearms in our schools to even the score. Since our schools already are faced with inadequate funds, they can’t afford to hire armed guards to stand around and wait for an attack. This would be a waste of manpower.

This simple solution won’t bankrupt our schools. We need to select three or four male teachers in each school and assign them additional duty as security officers. Have them qualify with a pistol, strap pistols on their belts and wear arm bands designating them as security officers. They also should be given a modest boost in salary. The reason I didn’t select female teachers is because it would be awkward for them to wear holsters on their belts, and it wouldn’t be safe to keep pistols in purses or desks.

When it becomes common knowledge that teachers are armed, these lunatics will look elsewhere to vent their hatred on society.

Thomas L. Lamb




Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:21

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