Tell other side of gun issue

It is a pity that my hometown newspaper elects to publish letters in this column of late that represent only one side of this now sensitive issue: those singularly opposed to any kind of added or strengthened regulations or controls. In direct contrast to a goodly number of those I have read here, increased and far stronger regulations that control legal access and ownership of weapons does reduce significantly the number of deaths by gunfire, as well as gun-related injury, in those other members of the civilized Western world – and consistently so. We have but to familiarize ourselves with the pertinent statistics. They are easily available.

The oft-quoted Second Amendment rights beg another comment. I asked my 9-year-old great-grandson to read that misquoted amendment aloud, after posing the following question: Does this amendment guarantee to private citizens the right to freely purchase and own firearms? His answer, as is my own: It most certainly does not. That “well armed Militia” to which it refers has not a thing to do with my entering my favorite gun shop – and I am a proud, and multiple, gun owner– and purchasing a good condition, used AK-47. New or used, for that matter. With or without a 30-round magazine.

George V. Williams

Hudson, Fla.



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