Start mourning our nation

I flew the American flag during the November elections, both to honor my country and as a reminder to get out and vote. The morning after the election, when it was apparent that President Obama would remain in office, the flag blowing in a light breeze caught my attention. For the first in my life I was saddened to see that flag, knowing that our nation would continue this path of selfish destruction and would cease to be the greatest nation on Earth, and the “land of the free,” as it was given to us by previous generations.

Because of this, I will tie a black ribbon to the eagle at the top of my flag staff, to hang with the American flag so they will blow in the wind in harmony, signifying my utter condemnation of this man and his destructive policies. I am sure at least half of the American people will feel, as I do, that a pall has fallen over our once-great land. I urge you to do the same if you are truly with us and not against us, heart and soul, on the day of inauguration and all the days following until he is done and gone from our once-prosperous and great nation. Not until he and his socialist ideas have been banished will the pall be lifted or my black ribbon removed.

One final thought: Can you possibly imagine Obama and his family during his youth actually attending a Fourth of July celebration? Showing pride in his country and joy of citizenship? Not likely!





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