Corruption infests Pakistan

I could not disagree with you on your editorial “Time now to eradicate hate” (Jan. 5), about the killing of foreign workers in Pakistan trying to eradicate polio.


Being a person of Pakistani origin, I understand your concern and raising awareness. But it should be clear that this hatred is not based on religion. The religion of Islam advocates peace, harmony, education and mutual respect among all genders and human beings of all faiths.

The crimes against polio workers in particular and other nongovernmental organizations in general are state-sponsored at the highest level of government. Corruption is the root cause at the highest level of government, from the president to peons. Nothing can be done until cash bribes are paid in advance. People are fed up and can do nothing against the current corrupt government of Pakistan.

The deaths of polio workers are based on anger of those gangsters who were left out by the government’s share of bribes to those who received favors from the government.

To make a polio campaign successful in Pakistan, Pakistan’s army or the international Peace Corps should take over and provide protection to the volunteers. This program should be administered not by the government of Pakistan but by a United Nations organization such as the World Health Organization jointly with the Peace Corps, which should be armed and ready to shoot those criminals on the spot.

Local police shall never be involved in any investigation of such incidents involving the polio workers, because local police always protects the gangsters. Local police are on the gangsters’ payroll.



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