Depot plan is sound

After initial outrage at the thought of the Medical College of Georgia Foundation operating as a real-estate developer and trying to gather information (“MCG group to buy depot,” Jan. 6), it now seems to be a rational plan for getting the maximum value out of a piece of land that was given to them, pursued under the guidance of real-estate professionals who, as good citizens, are donating their knowledge and time.

Having said that, this is a good time to remember the strong and synergistic association that has existed over the years between medical education and indigent medical care. In fact, it is safe to say that throughout most of the history of modern medicine, the one could not have existed without the other. Each has greatly benefited from the presence of the other.

We can hope that there will be continued public support as the foundation continues its efforts to facilitate the clinical association of those in need of medical care and aspiring health-care students, to the advantage of both.

R. Brooks Scurry Jr.




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