Nation turned against God

The fall of Rome has been traced to several unrelated causes – from the rise of the Vandals, to changes in the weather – but ultimately Rome lost her favor and protection from almighty God.


The root cause beneath all the troubling issues facing America today is our rejection of God and His Word, the Bible, in all areas of life – religious, political, economical, social, aesthetic, medical and scientific.

For most of American history, the old King James Bible held center stage in homes, schools, courts, businesses and churches. But with the trampling and rejection of the Bible and dissolving of the separation of church and state (with the state now over the church) two generations of American savages have been produced – all with “rights” and Social Security numbers and guns, but no God. Godless environments always produce savages, and a savage with a gun always is a bad thing.

The First Amendment and Second Amendment stand and fall together. The reason for the most recent school massacre goes back to the First Amendment more than the Second. When children no longer are taught to fear and love God with all their hearts, to keep his commandments and to love their neighbors as themselves, they will revert to barbarianism, and barbarians must be disarmed.

God called wicked King Nebuchadnezzar “my servant” when He would use him to punish Israel (Jeremiah 25:8-9). Pat yourself on the back, America. You turned against God and His defense and protection by giving up your First Amendment. Now God’s going to turn against you, using His servant, President Obama, to forcibly strip you of your last defense and protection – your Second Amendment.

The Rev. Timothy Fellows

Aiken, S.C.


(The writer is pastor of The Church of Philadelphia in Aiken.)



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