Sadly, infidelity nothing new

The media have a way of choosing who’s guilty of rampant vulgar behavior, and how society should deal with it. Names are mentioned and their transgressions are spoken of as if they are the only ones who have indulged in this type of behavior.


A former Southeastern Conference and NFL coach used his position to help an assistant – whom he was having an affair with – land a job with his school, even though her qualifications were questionable. They texted before, during and after games. He stepped down and she resigned her position.

A popular major-league baseball player who spent his entire career with one team had an affair that produced a son. His exploits on the field and contributions to his team made him the face of that franchise, and a fan and media favorite for almost 20 years. He recently retired.

A former presidential candidate and former mayor of the most populous city in this country became so brazen with his affair that he moved his mistress into his city’s executive mansion after his estranged wife moved to the other side of the house, showing disgust over his philandering ways. She complained to a federal judge, who ordered him to move the mistress out, citing that the house belonged to the city and was not the mayor’s personal property to do with as he pleased.

Another presidential candidate and former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives has been known to have had affairs that have led to broken marriages. He carried out his duties on Capitol Hill for years until he decided not to run for re-election.

A former professional bodybuilder-turned-actor became governor of a West Coast state. Even though he was married to a former TV newswoman with a political bloodline, he fathered a child with their maid, who also was married. He admitted trysts in the same bed he and his wife shared. Now that he has left politics, he will continue to act in movies, write books and be scheduled for speaking engagements.

A former South Carolina governor secretly left his family and traveled to another country to visit his self-described “soulmate.” Even in disgrace, he did not step down. His family relocated, and his wife was granted a divorce. He is considering running for Congress.

Let us remember that for every man who cheats on his wife, he is doing so with a woman who is more than likely fully aware of his marital status. We shouldn’t shed light on just a chosen few.

Ernest Leysath




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