Officer went beyond the call

I want to thank the North Augusta Police Department for having officers like Mr. Robert Velasco. If you started reading this letter I hope and pray you will continue and see how officer Velasco helped someone he did not know and someone who is not a resident of North Augusta.


I live in Hiltonia, 60 miles south of Augusta. Two months ago I was staying at my Aunt Faye’s house in North Augusta. My wife had a complete shoulder replacement at Doctor’s Hospital in Augusta. I have a severe case of sleep apnea, and use a C-Pap machine to be able to sleep at night. In my hurry leaving my aunt’s house to go pick up my wife at the hospital, I put my C-Pap on top of the car and drove off.

Well, it did not make the trip and I did not hear anything when it fell off the car in North Augusta. I did not realize the C-Pap machine was gone until I was getting ready for bed. I started calling and found out what I had done.

The next day I called Sunrise Oxygen to report what I had done and asked about getting another C-Pap. They had a used machine for $300, which is better than $1,800 for a new one. I even offered a reward for the one I lost and did not hear anything until a month later.

Officer Velasco left a message on my phone stating he worked for the North Augusta Police Department and he had found an item that belonged to me. I knew it was my C-Pap machine I had lost a month earlier. He had tracked me down with the help of Sunrise Oxygen of Augusta.

When I met with Officer Velasco I tried to give him the reward money, and he would not hear of it. He said this was his job as a public servant. What he did for a stranger goes above and beyond his duties as a public servant in my book.

I want to thank the city of North Augusta for having officers like Officer Velasco. I am planning to donate the reward money to a charity in honor of him.





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