Atheists just don't get it

A recent letter claims prayer does not work.


Like so many of his atheist friends, the writer makes the mistake of thinking prayer does not work because someone did not gain what they prayed for. But God Himself tells us not all prayers will be answered, at least not with a “yes.” If the intentions of the praying person are selfish or for wrong reasons, such as promoting a political agenda, then God will say “no!”

Unfortunately, atheists are a completely selfish, hate-filled people. I say hate-filled because they are unhappy, hopeless people who are filled with a jealous rage toward those who have the hope of our faith to see us through this life, while they have made a conscious decision to deny themselves this hope, by rejecting God.

Have you ever heard of any charity founded by atheists? No you have not, because they do not exist, as atheists are totally self-centered and cannot find it in themselves to be helpful to their fellow humans.

It is man’s nature to mock and deride that which he cannot understand. As for the common mistake the writer repeats in his letter, true believers are not ignorant about science. Why must people on both sides of this argument continue to insist that you must be all religion and no science, or all science and no religion?

I myself, as do all I know, embrace science as the study of God; every discovery just reinforces the knowledge that God made all. I took four years of biology in college, and I believe science proves God exists much more than it proves He does not. Do not forget, it was Christian scientists who laid the foundations for much of science that exists today. In fact, if not for the church, man would probably have suffered in the dark ignorance that was the Dark Ages for a lot longer than happened. But the scoffers have existed all through history, and will continue to mock, deride and reject the knowledge they cannot possess. Unlike them, a true Christian will feel sorrow and pity, not hate and rage, for those who deny Him, and will pray that maybe, before it is too late, they will come to know God.





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