Journalism today is a joke

I nearly fell on the floor when I saw the byline for a Dec. 16 story out of Columbia on South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley. It actually was written by The State newspaper. I thought liberal/socialist Associated Press had first dibs on attacking, I mean, covering a Republican, as they have in the past 50 stories on Haley.


Did AP give its approval? I’ve longed figured out that journalism is a joke, with the readers paying for it, both out of their pockets and when they lose their democracy because of the best socialist propaganda their money can buy. The readers don’t object; therefore, newspapers don’t complain to AP, and AP doesn’t have to stop the propaganda. Everybody gets to be a dupe, except for AP.

The first level of journalism – professors – I wrote about in a letter to the editor May 9, 2008, noting I had found only one such person at either the universities of South Carolina or Georgia who would discuss it. He said the media wasn’t liberal, but he had done no scientific studies.

Second level of journalism: editors. I’ve written letters to the editor for the past 15 years about AP’s liberal bias, with no real change from the editors. So, that’s out. (Plus, AP is a virtual monopoly, and the other wire services are almost as liberal, and journalism doesn’t know how or why to start a new, unbiased wire service.)

Third, I’ve just written to eight of AP’s 19 board of director members, who are supposed to handle complaints about AP, including bias, and sent each a 100-page album with 100 complaints and examples of AP’s liberal and anti-America bias. Not one of those directors gave the complaints to AP, as is their job, or even responded that they had gotten the material. So, whenever AP or journalism says or gives you the impression that you’re being cared for and protected from AP bias by AP’s board of directors, that’s no more honest than any other level of journalism.

Fourth, I sent the 100-page album on AP bias to 21 conservative newspaper columnists, radio and TV show hosts and two conservative magazines, and there has been basically no response from this level of journalism.

When democracy collapses, liberal media – including AP – will have brought it down, and no one in journalism will have had knowledge or complaints. Whom will newspapers assign to write the story on who brought down democracy? AP, who will blame the FBI, as they did with the fall of the Twin Towers in a 2004 article, making sure the liberal/socialist media and the press-elected Democratic president (Clinton, etc.) are left out of the story.

And no one will know that it was journalism all along And no one will care.



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