Probe mental-health issues

I would like to applaud a recent letter regarding prescription drugs vs. gun control (“Don’t scapegoat autism,” Dec. 29). If more attention is given to the amount of prescription drugs given to children and young adults, perhaps there would be fewer with emotional and psychological problems.

Gun control is not the solution to these killings. It is the mental stability of the gun holder. If the government is anxious to stop needless killings, a focus needs to be placed on mental-health issues, many of which are created by prescription drugs. Reading the side effects of some of these drugs is scary, and the addiction to them as well. Taking the guns away is by far not the answer.

Kids need to be taught discipline. Don’t just throw them on drugs. There are way too many prescription drugs being prescribed to children and young adults. I wonder if it is for the profit.

Emily P. Kitchens




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