More guns aren't answer

More firearms in more places is not the answer to these mass shootings. Education; stopping the war on drugs; increasing the help (funding) for mental issues; and the media providing no mention or attention – especially not 24-7 coverage for weeks about the shooter – is how to prevent most of these shootings.


Firefights are very quick and very confusing, even for people who are trained. Ambushes are worse. It is my contention that if more people are armed, thinking they are like Die Hard’s John McClane, only more innocent people would be hurt. You rush to the sound of gunfire, weapon drawn while another John McClane wannabe is doing the same. No one knows who the bad guy is if they come upon each other. Meanwhile, the real police and response team are on their way, only knowing there are gunshots, and people are injured and/or killed.

In Augusta, an armed police officer, J.D. Paugh, was killed by a firearm. What’s the bet he had much more training than any teacher, movie attendant or mall cop?

Last Halloween, an area girl was shot because firearms were laying about and a kid played with a gun. Accidents like this kill more people than mass shootings. It’s happened in this city a few times already in the past couple of years, where young lives were cut short by accidents.

Legalizing drugs will prevent a lot of crime, from gang-on-gang violence to people who have a criminal record because of having an illegal substance and being unable to get a job, then resorting to a firearm out of desperation.

Education: People knowing how to store their firearms and carry them correctly and safely will save lives.

Mental health: Families struggle to get the help they need, with problems they cannot handle on their own until their children have criminal records.

Media: Stop giving any coverage to these shooters. Going back all the way to Columbine, I’d bet few Americans can name any victims, minus former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, without looking it up – but they can recognize the names and pictures of the shooters. Stop validating their need to make a name.

Preventing law-abiding citizens from purchasing firearms used for sport, hunting and defense is not the answer. But arming everyone, and living in a TSA environment, is not the answer, either.

Matt Carroll



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